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Raven & Sage Collective | 830 25th St suite 101 & 202, San Diego, CA


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Andi is awesome! After living in Santa Cruz and having the same stylist for 10 years, I moved twice coast-to-coast in two years. Changing stylist was traumatic. I never did find one on the east coast that I liked and one stylist jacked my hair so badly I started flying back to the west coast to get my hair done, with my old stylist. So when I moved to San Diego I was gun shy about getting my hair done. (Good fake blonde is hard to find!) I waited as long as I could and finally booked an appointment with Andi, whose salon I found thanks to photos on Instagram. She has been amazing. My hair isn’t the easiest texture to work with but she adapted quickly and we never had that awkward, getting to know my hair experience. Today, after she did my color, I whipped out a photo of Riley from Sense8 and said, I don’t usually do this celebrity hair thing but I really like this and I’m thinking about playing with a my curl so I can do this, in the future. She looked at the photo for 3 seconds, got really excited and said, YES! I can do it today and show you how to style it! She’s well educated and it showed in her ability to be versitile.