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Lavish HAIR Lounge | 6920 22nd Ave N Suite 121, St. Petersburg, FL


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I was a customer of Catherine’s for many years at Salon West where she grew in her career. I liked going to Salon West, but Cathrine was my stylest. When she out grew her position at Salon West I was so proud of her because this is not something that just anyone can do, but Cathrine is extremely talented and I was very happy for her new venture in life. With that being said I was also very upset because she was my hairstylist for many years. I do not trust anyone else with my hair because I have very long hair and I can not risk the wrong person getting their hands on it and ruining what has taken a life time to grow and care for. I didn’t want a different stylest at Salon West. To me that is no different than going to a different stylest at a different salon. I’m just not willing to risk changing stylest. I went without getting my hair done for almost 8months when Cathrine left the Salon West nest. This is the longest I have gone in my life and it sucked. When I found out that my sister with similar long hair (and loyalty to Cathrine) had found her online I felt like I had reconnected to a life line and finally after going so long without a stylist I’ve been brought back to life. Cathrine is the most talented stylist I have ever met. She is not the type of Stylist that does hair for a living, but rather the type that does hair as her passion and it shows. She keeps up with all the latest hair trends and techniques by continuing her education through hair shows on a regular basis. Having long hair, it is extremely time consuming to get the look I want. Any other Stylest may take short cuts to just get it done subpar, but Cat goes the extra mile to ensure the health of my hair is not compromised through the process and I get the result I’m looking for every time. In return I am definitely willing to go the extra mile to the beautiful new Lavish Hair Lounge inside Phenix Salon Suites right next to Tyrone Mall.