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Jun Hair Salon | 16008 S Western Ave B, Gardena, CA


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Quickie:+ Incredible service for AMAZING prices+ Super attentive hair dressers+ Such a relaxing head massage—Service:I’ve been to many a salon – and when I say many, I mean many. From Beverly Hills to Manhattan Beach to all over Torrance and back, I’ve been searching far and wide for a good haircut that doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket. But alas, the upscale salons I’m attracted to are rarely kind to my wallet and I’m always forced to pay $65+ to tame my extra long mane. But who would’ve known the perfect place was waiting in my own home town – a mere 5-minute drive down the street from me! This place was by far the cheapest I’ve been to – the haircuts range from $30 to $45ish depending on your hair length. Service:The color job was great – they fixed up the botched highlights I had been hating since July and brought me back to my original dark brown. And oh! The head massage during the shampoo and rinse nearly put me to sleep – so very relaxing.The hairdressers are all very meticulous and pay the utmost attention to my cuts.Unless Japanese is your first language the session will be a bit on the quiet side – but that’s perfect for me since I’m never one for awkward small talk – I prefer to peruse magazines in peace.Overall:I absolutely love this place and have made it my number one go-to place for my hair needs. The price was a steal for the service I received. Arigatou gozaimasu, Jun Hair Salon!