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Collection Hair Studio | 155 Majorca Ave 206, Coral Gables, FL


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We all hate leaving our comfort zone. I know I do, especially when it comes to getting my hair cut by someone new. When I moved to Miami in 2015, I avoided the inevitable for as long as I could. I let my hair grow and grow. Dogs began growling at the sight of me. Women would grab the hands of their small children and briskly cross the street as soon as they saw me coming, never making eye contact.Finally, my friends and family had had enough. They demanded I trim my locks, lest they hold me down and shave my head whilst I slept. Begrudgingly, I began the tiresome process of internet research that no one enjoys. Comment after comment dried my eyes and made my head spin. How could one professional be so good and so bad at the same time? How could one establishment be the Garden of Eden on Tuesday but the Fourth Level of Hell on Thursday?I narrowed it down to two imperfect choices. After a coin flip, I settled on a place I Shall Not Name, where I received a haircut that I will only describe as ?mushroom-like.? Looking like a giant phallus, I could not take the ridicule of passing motorists as I drove home. Frustrated, I performed a well-executed handbrake turn, returned to the Place That Shall Not Be Shamed and demanded a repair cut.Let?s just say that I went from looking like a giant phallus to a tiny phallus. Mortified, I sought out the services of Imperfect Choice #2. This may be the point where you expect me to meet up with Bryan and for him to save the day. Not so, my friend, not so. The gentleman at Imperfect Establishment #2, who was not Bryan, did a satisfactory job, but I wasn?t wowed. Still, having been so severely traumatized already, I decided to stick with him instead of taking my chances again on someone new.Well, after three haircuts, Average Joe disappeared! And of course, I was given no notice of this. No? I just walked into Establishment #2, ready for my scheduled haircut with Joe, and the receptionist informed me that someone else would be cutting my hair. At this point, I was still strong enough to hold back my fear pee. I turned around to meet my new hair-trimming professional and who did I see? The Resurrection of Christopher Columbus apparently. Or, at least, a guy with his haircut. So much for holding back the fear pee?So, anyway, Chris C. promptly proceeds to cut all my hair off as I soak in my own urine. He is trying to make small talk, but all I can mumble is, ?The Nina, the Pinta, the Santa Maria?? At this point, I don?t even care anymore. After the cut, I make a decision to embrace mangy-chic and decline a request to schedule a follow-up haircut. As I sprint down the street in shame, beelining for my car, I think, ?Maybe the circus can be a thing that I try??Well, a month later, I had some professional thing to attend and a haircut became unfortunately necessary. Like a beaten animal, I called Establishment #2, begging for more punishment. The receptionist on the other end of the line asked me who cut my hair last. I responded, ?You know, the guy who looks like Christopher Columbus!? There was a moment of confused silence on her end, so I continued, ?He?s a fifty-year-old dude with bangs?? She exclaimed, ?OH! Bryan!?continued in a review below